Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hey Party People-

Usually, there is a log jam of "year in review" articles at or around the 31st of December. They are amusing, but kind of grow into a feeling of resentment or gloating. To buck this trend I thought it would only be appropriate for a new approach:

"The First Firsts"

First time I've even been bit by a dog (no skin puncture, just ripped jeans)

First time I have had (and purchased) a beer in a movie theatre

First time I have seen someone crash a bike,...while walking it

First time I've been driven around in a donkey cart

First time I've seen an indoor skating rink that is actually just white plywood

First time I've been asked to translate the words to a Lil' Wayne song

First time I've been referred to only as "English" by a neighbor (i.e. "How are you, English?")

First time I've been paid more for shipping an handling than the actual item I want to ship

First time I've even been schooled by a 10 year old in soccer

First time I've throw garbage into a dumpster only to have a cat jump out at me

First time I've had homemade alcohol

First time I've been asked to drink homemade alcohol before I've had breakfast

First time I've seen peanut butter and did a celebratory fist pump

First time I've watched a live sporting event at 3am

First time I've seen energy drinks sold in 2 liters,....yes,...2 liters.

So there you have it. Confusing, amusing, and always entertaining.

And with my first 5 months committed to the history facebook, I eagerly await the next 21. I hope everyone had a wonderful new years and may you all seize the world of possibilities 09' has at our collective fingertips.

To the Lonestar State, to Buffa-love, to Tahoe, to The Great Pacific Northwest and all the peguins in between; Happy 2009


Mama Star said...

Have been meaning to comment on your blog for months now. I love reading your stories. There is truly something special about you B24s - you view the world in such a fresh spirited way - how inspiring. Thanks for the shout-out with Buffa-love. So looking forward to meeting you when we visit.
Eat healthy, sleep well, stay warm.
My Best, Mama Star

Hoosier Auntie said...

I'm glad you're having such a great experience! I'm looking forward to hearing about your first time actually driving a donkey cart.

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday!!

Hoosier Auntie