Saturday, July 26, 2008

In the Airport From Die Hard II (Die Harder)

In our nation's capital at the moment, and the home of lady liberty is lookin' good.  My room has a sweet, Michael Bay-esque view of the Pentagon.  And across from that I can see our America's largest phallic symbol, the Washington Monument.  Training has been rather entertaining, and every here is pleasant, nice, and easy to listen to.  I must say, its been a great couple of days.
Tomorrow is the big exodus and everyone is excited.  I could never have conceived of how thrilling this moment would be way back in November when I started the whole application process.  Everyone here is more than I could of ever hoped for and the next 27 months look extremely  bright.  See you in August.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two All Beef Patties, Three Hours of Sportscenter, and Four Trips to Target

Just had my last cheeseburger, and it was like biting into Ambrosia.  I wouldn't say I'm too picky of an eater, but I needs to bring the glory of cheeseburgers to Bulgaria or I will go Shinning-style crazy.  It's really weird at the moment to think "this is the last [insert cherished American food or activity] for the next 2 and 1/2 years".  Remember those girls in high school who were always close to tears the entire last month of your senior year over the simplest things?  "You guys, this is the last time we are going to have lunch on a wednesday".  I tend to avoid the sentimental, but watching the top ten highlights on ESPN was pretty hard.  I mean, could Jack Wilson's catch at short be better than Coco Crisps' diving catch in the bottom of the fourth?  It gets hurts a little bit inside...

Catchy-catch phrase 
Best Questions and Quotes So Far in Regards to Bulgaria:

"Oh nice, I hear Bolivia has awesome food"

"...don't they have Vampires?"

"Well, over there its probably legal"

"Is that next to Mexico?"

"Damn,...27 months is really only like 2 years"

"No, seriously, they have a James Bond movie about that place"

"You gotta go save the world from vampires,...Van Hewitt-Sing"

Monday, July 21, 2008

27 months is nothing

This thursday, July 24th, at the crack of noon, I'll be departing the sunny shores of Seattle for the hot "oh-my-gosh-al-gore-was-right" weather of Arlington, Virginia for the staging portion of my Peace Corps experience.  Am I ready? No.  Have I started packing? I have all the DVD's I want to take lined up, and thats about it.  Do I know Bulgaria? I know how to say "Do you speak English?"  Am I excited? Beyond belief.  This is like the first day of school, a midnight movie for an actually good movie (so not Spiderman 3) and a first date all rolled into one.  I'm nervous, but excited, scared yet intrigued.  A wealth of emotions are coursing through my mind right now, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I doubt I'll be updating this blog as often as I plan to, but I'll make an effort.