Friday, January 30, 2009

Celluoid birthday

Today I turn 23, or in the words of my good friend Kelsey, "You are just two years away from legally renting a car". To commemorate this silver, no,...ah,...quartz?....whatever 23 works out to, I decided to take a stroll down memory lane the only way I knew how: through movies. I wanted to look back at all the movies that have influenced me through the years. In trying to think of a list, in somewhat chronological order, all I could come up with was this:

which soon led me to:

at which point I thought of:

So now I'm thinking: Did I fail? Based on these films, all I should aspire to be is a ninja who a) surfs b) solves crimes c) has a grandfather of asian descent even though his parents are clearly of anglo-saxon origin. But to break these down: I'm afraid to get punched, kicked, or slapped in the face which probably eliminates the ninja lifestyle. I would say surfing is in option, but since I was 10 I have been mortally afraid of stingrays which might create a problem. Then theres the wise mentor. I, personaly, do not know any 6 foot talking rats with an encyclopedic knowledge of the warrior code, nor do I come from a long line of mystic ninjas. Therefore, I come to the conclusion that being 8 was awesome or life in the early 90's was taken for granted.

So in conclusion, thank you for all the birthday wishes, and to the parents with kids born in the 80's who graciously chaperoned trips to the cineplex or were dragged against there will to toys-r-us to buy the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures: thank you...and COWABUNGA!

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Alex T said...

God Damnit Gump, why are you so insightful?
When I read your words, I just cant help but agree. We indeed have failed our childhood dreams. It's not too late though. I have an extra pair of black silk long underwear. I'll meet you in Stara Zagora and we will try to assasinate style. If that doesnt work out, we can just drink Zagorka and talk about who would win in a fight between Kevin Mcallister and Mcgyver.