Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stuff. Happeing.

So much has happened in the few short weeks I devoted to being lazy.

Neighbor's dog had puppies
I was involved in naming process of afermentioned puppies
Went to the Bulgarian Basketball League All-Star Game
A carnival came to town
I signed up for an 11k with the following options of 1k or 50k
Taught the youth of Bulgaria to throw a football, and only managed to hit 2 people in the head
Awesome visit by the family
Went swimming (its a big deal)
Was confused yet again
Had starbucks for the first time in this hemisphere
Occured a new nickname based on a Kanye West song (its pretty easy to figure out)

All this and more. More details coming shortly. My 5 day holiday break starts tomorrow. Until then...I hope Obama's next 1,460 days are just as efficent.

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